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UDRS controversy

During India's last trip for a Test series, the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) played important role, much to India's courage destruction and Sri Lanka's amusement. The system helps in taking correct decision and besides operating as a vital tactical tool. It's an extension of a captain's strategy on the field and an added entertainment in a Test for spectators. Cricket missed this tricky tool on Wednesday, not because it could have corrected wrong decisions, but because it could have added hope.

Seeing how Vijay and Dravid were straight forward decisions and only Laxman was hit on the leg stump. In fact, India were lucky as it spotted an inside edge from Vijay from Fernando. Thus India would have been ruining their decision to give UDRS a thumbs-down. The Lankans would have immediately wanted for a second opinion after Raina was said not out. These interesting things always enhance a Test match, but India did not want the system. FIFA's decision to enhance the technology will slow the game down.


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