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Tere Bin Laden (Hindi)

Cast: Ali Zafar

Director: Abhishek Sharma

This movie is a wicked comedy. It has a shade amateur and have loads of rough edges, if you compare it to a regular Bollywood comedy. But, the film scores above the recent laugh movies that have done well at the box office, but definitely didn't have an intelligent script to boast of. Leading the goofball team is Piyush Mishra as the cranky TV producer who heads a TV channel that goes by the name of `Danka'.

Ali (Ali Zafar) who sleepwalks his way through most of his assignments because he's waiting for an ace reporter's job in the US media. But in a dream when Ali discovers a chicken farmer who happens to be an Osama clone. The rest is a maverick dubbing artist who can speak Arabic (Rahul Singh. Ali Zafar is a package of good looks, super talent and the screen presence. Overall, Tere Bin Laden is a fun movie that makes you smile constantly in those two hours.


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