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East for Roger

Roger Federer performance on Wednesday gave his fans more satisfaction as he beat Serb at the Swiss Indoors. Roger said he served well without any errors and if he continues it like this for the whole event that would be amazing. He enters into the quarterfinals to get the title he lost to Novak a year ago. Andy Roddick was planning on the chance to attend the football. Andy made his return to tennis after injuring his knee. He said, after being sick and then the Shanghai injury, it's good to play a tough match.

In other first-round matches, Czech Radek beat Dutchman Bakker with 6-3, 7-6 (7/5) sets, while Finn Jarkko defeated German Daniel Brands in round one. Paul-Henri put in a bid for inclusion on the French Davis Cup finals team to face Serbia with a victory over Mayer of Germany. Dutchman Robin joined Federer in the last eight as he beat John Isner with 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 sets.

Cancels contracts

Pak's Salman Butt, Mohammed Aamir and Asif have their contracts suspended from Nov by the PCB. A PCB official said that until the ICC takes a final decision on their suspensions, they can't get any sort of benefits. Rizvi the legal advisor of the board said that the contracts were suspended with the ICC anti-corruption code of laws. The 3 players were suspended by the ICC in Sep. Butt and Aamir appealed against their suspensions but the ICC commission upheld their suspensions after a 2 days hearing.

Rizvi said they were suspended and the Board Chairman has also informed to stop all payments to them. He also said that the board will not provide any help or support to the players and now they have to face the allegations by themselves. Salman and Aamir said they were disappointed by the rejection of their appeals. Salman said they are punished for being Pakistanis.