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Uruguay defeated by S.Korea

South Korea took their leave of the World Cup after pushing Uruguay hard in Saturday's last 16 defeat. Uruguay bow out having qualified for the second round for the first time on foreign soil with a win over Greece, and a draw with Nigeria. Uruguay manager Oscar said the Koreans had surprised him and his players.That match confirmed how football has become around the world, we can see how Korea have grown as they made them fight hard for their victory.

South Korea's coach Jung Moo and the team have given them a major boost of confidence after their first round knockout at World Cup in Germany. When asked about his own future as head of the national team Jung said he only been thinking about the World Cup. He added he will take time to relax and think about the future, whatever he end up doing he really hope South Korea will continue to be on the world stage and want to contribute in any way.

Gerrard is confident of victory

Bevington said they complied fully with FIFA's regulations by bringing the coach and a player, their captain, to the conference. Furthermore, as agreed with FIFA, they had five minutes with English newspapers and with In those five minutes the journalists learnt that manager Fabio Capello knew his team which he did not reveal and that skipper Gerrard was confident of their victory.

Bevington declared after five minutes with acceptable sense and thanked everybody very much. He said he would like to invite the English Sunday newspapers to join them in a separate room. One reporter sarcastically clapped and with that the England delegation swept out of the room.
Although German coach Joachim Loew failed to appear, he did speak to them nearly an hour on Friday and the German FA, gave reporters the chance to enquire goalkeeping coach Andreas Koepke for few minutes on their preparations for the game.

German coach knows to beat England

Koepke is now the national keeper coach and a possible trump card if the fate continues at the Free State stadium. Koepke said everyone would prefer to avoid penalties but if it comes to that they will be prepared. He said, but we cannot simulate penalty taking. In training all players will hit and score every penalty. Koepke's presence at Saturday's conference was apt for a fixture with a fair share of penalty worries.

Koepke, who won 59 caps for his country said the Germans have done a spot of brushing up too. They do train penalties now and again before international matches. When asked for what those potentially World Cup saving information is, he said the former Nuremberg and Olympique Marseille player was not about to give anything away. He said he will talk to him and they will see what comes out of that. But they need to keep some surprises for the match.

Cesar's protector was exposed

Friday's goalless draw against Portugal revealed that Brazil have denied that there is nothing wrong with a back protector used by goalkeeper Julio Cesar. The team spokesman Rodrigo Paiva said on Saturday that the equipment, which the goalkeeper wraps around his waist, contained metal clips but they had been approved by FIFA. Paiva said it's a normal belt which he has used for the past two years at his club and with Brazil, to give him more confidence. Before the game, FIFA look at all the equipment and this was permitted because there wasn't a problem.

The protector was exposed when Julio Cesar was treated on the pitch after being hurt in a clash with Raul Meireles during Friday's game. It immediately caused speculation that he was still suffering from a back injury which he sustained during a match against Zimbabwe before the World Cup. The player said that he used it to give him confidence and that he had completely recovered from the injury.

Aguirre aims for a change

After hearing from a analyst who said his team have no chance, Mexico coach Javier Aguirre cut an informal figure ahead of the last 16 World Cup clash with Argentina on Sunday. He think what they have been writing lately in Mexico is not justified. They are working to change the course of history in reference to Mexico's poor record at the World Cup. The Americans possess support and have always had talented players but have only twice reached the quarter-finals. Mexico are nobodies' favourite as they were way down in the betting.

The only smile Aguirre afforded was when he was asked about Argentina coach Diego Maradona, whom the former Mexico international and Atletico Madrid coach knows well. He is a great friend and they used to see each other in Madrid and he will give him a big hug and congratulate him for what he has done so far at this World Cup. Maradona famously led his country to World Cup glory in 1986 as captain, in contrast to Aguirre who was sent off in the quarterfinal against West Germany.

Winning equation

A professor has come up with a formula to help England to beat Slovenia and to win the World Cup 2010. Professor Goran's equation is E = c^2 x (m + (F + p x A)/a).
where, E = England wins the World Cup.
C = Confidence boost. The players must be mentally and physically rested before and after each game.
M = England need to master the dynamics of the new Jabulani ball and exploit its goal possibilities.
F = Formations, they need to be flexible and should put players in tested positions.
P = They must not make hard a penalty shootout.
A = England must not wear their away strip.
A = England must make sure they do not risk being booked.

The Professor of Probability at the University of Manchester said, this formula is inherently and incredibly powerful, because it's based on the most famous equation in the world, Einstein's theory for energy, which is E = mc^2.

Uruguay win over Mexico

Uruguay secured a place in the second round of the World Cup finals for the first time when they beat Mexico on Tuesday. A perfect headed goal by Luis Suarez settled the outcome of their final Group-A clash as Mexico lost their way after first half. Mexico had the best chance when Andres fired in a left foot drive that hit the bar. Uruguay midfielder Diego Perez suffered a cut head from an errant elbow, and required treatment.

Diego Forlan began the move with a pass to winger and from his deep cross Luis Suarez rose at the far post to send a bouncing header past Oscar Perez. Uruguay added to their lead when captain Diego Lugano's close range header was well saved and Alvaro Pereira's follow-up shot was blocked. Surprised by three quick substitutions, Mexico fought back and leveled when Francisco Rodriguez met a Pablo Barrera cross, but headed wide.

Surprise Red

The surprise red card came few minutes after goalkeeping error allowed Khumalo to head home from a corner. France keeper Hugo Lloris misjudged the ball sailing over his head, allowing Khumalo to score. The French defence was also caught out when Mphela packed the second goal, bundling the ball over the line after a pass from Tsepo Masilela. Mphela could have netted again five minutes into the second half when he ran onto a clever pass from Siphiwe but his shot hit the side of the post.

France pulled a goal back after 70 minutes when Franck Ribery suddenly back into life with a clever run that set up an easy chance for substitute Florent Malouda. France's players had refused to train on Sunday in protest at the sending home of striker Nicolas Anelka for swearing at manager Raymond Domenech. Captain Patrice Evra was dropped as a result for Tuesday's match against South Africa.

SA beat France

SA defeated France to win with 2-1 in World Cup Group-A match on Tuesday but it was not enough to reach the second round. Uruguay beats Mexico with 1-0 in the other match and got a place in the last 16. South Africa finished in third place by getting 4 points with helpless France finishing last with one. South Africa became the first World Cup hosts which failed to survive the group match but at least they had restored some pride.

The home team South Africa, seeking to put on a good show in front of thousands of spectators at the Free State Stadium, and also recorded their first victory over a major first half goals from Bongani Khumalo and Katlego Mphela. However, they had the advantage of playing against 10 men for all but the first few minutes of the match after the controversial dismissal of Yoann Gourcuff.

Domenech's controversy ends

Raymond Domenech as France manager came to a end on Tuesday with Les crashing out of the World Cup. The end to campaign came with a defeat to South Africa, which sent the coach and his men move to home with just one point. People were hurt and he knows that he made a mistake. Yade said they should have replaced the coach at Euro 2008. Domenech's authority was hardly supported by the French Football Federation's (FFF) to replace him with Bordeaux's Laurent Blanc before the World Cup had begun.

There are times when he is tired, but then he go to sleep and wake up for a new day. Never would he have resigned with the quote the stronger the pressure the more he gets motivated. When things are calm he get bored and even become worried. Domenech's resolve will be put to the ultimate test when he gets home.

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Vedham (Telugu)

Cast: Allu Arjun, Anushka, Manchu Manoj, Manoj Bajpai, Lekha

Direction: Krish (Radhakrishna)

After watching lot of path-breaking movie, this film arrives as a breath of fresh air. It’s another inspiring film from the maker of ‘Gamyam’. To make his film believable, the new age filmmaker sketches the realistic characters. The street cable guy (Allu Arjun), sex worker (Anushka) and Manchu Manoj are pursuing big dreams to accomplish them by anyway. Allu Arjun, Anushka and Manoj deserve honor for taking a break from same masala roles and for joining hands with new-age filmmakers to change the face of Telugu cinema.

Allu Arjun is a cable guy who is in love with a super-rich girl while faking to be rich. And Manoj wants to become a rockstar by dismissing the pleas of his mother to join the defence forces, whereas sex worker Anushka wants to leave her small town and arrive in city to make big money in her profession. The rest of the story is all about how these people overcome their obstacles to realise their dreams. Allu Arjun gets audience attention with his performance and Anushkha again showcases her acting brilliance.

The Karate Kid (English)

Cast: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Taraji P Henson, Wenwen Han

Direction: Harold Zwart

The kid Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) moves to Beijing with his mother (Taraji Henson) and the school bullies kept on beating him whenever they see him talking to Mei Ying. Dre realises its time to hit back and finds karate teacher Mr Han (Jackie Chan).

The film does have a lot to offer to young adults, but fails to rise to cult status. And that's only because the martial arts display is somewhat marginalised by the drama and relationship building which takes up a lot of screen time. The semi romance between Mei Ying and Dre and the prolonged training sequences involving Mr Han and Dre do seem to test the patience of our adrenalin-driven young viewers. Jackie Chan sheds his comic scene for a more serious show; Jaden is fluid motion and poetry and the locales are stunning.

Shutter Island (English)

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo

Direction: Martin Scorsese

In 1954,at the Ashecliffe Asylum houses was with the criminally insane on the isolated Shutter Island. US Marshal Ted Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) arrives from Boston to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the inmates from the asylum. He hope to unravel the mysterious going-ons, specially when he is followed by a team of hostile doctors, headed by Ben Kingsley.

The US Marshal (Leonardo) is haunted by two memories as the first being his war record where he pass through heaps of bodies before shooting down German guards in cold blood and the second vision involves the murder of his three young kids, followed by the violent death of his wife. The sudden disappearance of his assistant (Mark Ruffalo) further adds to the confusion. The film however does get bored down a bit by its gloomy overtones and its flashbacks which tend to distract. But the hammering climax is more than makes up for these minor flaws.

Robin Hood (English)

Cast: Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong, Max von Sydow

Direction: Ridley Scott

Robin Hood, the famous bandit robbed the rich to feed the poor, he was Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe), a archer in the army of King Richard. And like all other patriotic Englishmen, he was fighting on two front with first Prince John (Oscar Issac) who sucks the common men dry with his irrational tax system and second which was working through an English spy, Godfrey (Mark Strong).

Scott has chosen on a period of time before the legend of Robin Hood was actually born. Unlike the one who leads his men through one archery encounter after the other in the earlier versions, this Robin is a real hero who bathes, dines and breakfasts in simple way. Even his romance with Lady Marion is fleeting and cries out for Bryan Adam's. Marion knows how to defend herself, well and proper.

Nightmare on ELM Street (English)

Cast: Quentin Smith, Nancy Holbrook, Jackie Earle Haley

Direction: Samuel Bayer

A group of highschoolers are having nightmares about a clawed killer fearing them in their dreams. The strange thing is that their injuries turn out to be real and they end up facing a bloody death while asleep. Freddy Kreuger's back as teen slasher, returns after sequels which seen him as his bloodsport and he has consumed 137 youngs already, who were living at the houses in Elm street.

But a simple school gardener who was falsely accused of a crime he never committed and faced to death by a gang of victim’s parents. Now that's left for Rooney (Nancy Holbrooke) and Kyle (Quentin Smith) to discover, as they try to evade sleep and death in a order. But the killer has the ability to jump out from nowhere, even if it happens to be the bath tub, the wall paper, the mirror. This film have some old fashioned scares that still work and a villain (Jackie Earle Haley) whose sword-scissor hands is both fun and fearful.

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Winger back in training

Winger joined the Dutch training session since he sustained an injury but still doubtful to play in Saturday's match against Japan. He undergone treatment in Netherlands and joined the team but had been training on his own. Netherlands and Japan both got opening wins in Group E. Van Marwijk, expects a different Japan, based on the defensive style they showed in the match against Cameroon. During the first week of the tournament the Dutch built an impressive list of complaints including the pitches, the ball and the altitude in Johannesburg.

The move to Durban, which is at the coast at sea level have solved the problem of the altitude and the ball, but Van Marwijk is creative in finding new issues. Dirk Kuyt who hit the second goal against Denmark said it is a fast ball but he got used to it. But now they are playing on sea level.

Wasted 1st chance

Serbia wasted their first chance when Milos Ninkovic blasted Milos Krasic's inch-perfect cross over the bar. Mueller and Klose looked threatening for Germany but got frustrations after he missed the chances. The game was turned upside down when the German forward player was given marching orders after receiving second booking for pushing down Milos Krasic. Germany quickly tried to level up the score and with Khedira seizing on Stojkovic's kick for a long shot that hit the bar.

Podolski almost equalised when he chased Khedira's long pass and struck the ball wide under threat from the onrushing Vidic. The pressure paid off when Germany were awarded a penalty for handball by Vidic but Podolski's poorly struck spot kick was turned away by Stojkovic, who was later named as a man of the match. Serbia fought hard to protect their lead and could have had a second when Zigic's header clipped the bar.

South Africa looks on bright side

South Africa is at bottom of Group A with one point from two matches and could defeat France. South African hopes of beating the record of becoming the first host nation not to reach the second round to have victory over France and Mexico winning. Coach Carlos Alberto refused to dismiss France second-half show, where Mexico scored twice against their opponents. He said they are in tough group and France will be very difficult to beat so they must play with a lot of spirit.

While Parreira has won the tournament and reached the 2006 quarter-finals with the Samba Boys, he has yet to deliver a World Cup victory with Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. The draws for Kuwait against Czechoslovakia and South Africa against Mexico are all he has to worry about for eight losses that made him out before the final. Parreira departing without victory as France have won twice and drawn once in three clashes with Bafana.

Serbia stunned Germany

Serbia stunned Germany with a win after Miroslav Klose was sent out and Lukas missed a penalty in World Cup Group D. Germany should have equalized when Nemanja handled in but goalkeeper Vladimir dived to his left to save Lukas’s kick. The result takes the young German team too high on confidence after defeating Australia with 4-0 in their opener and gives Serbia a chance to reach the second round after they lost to Ghana.

Germany still leads Group D with 3 points from two games, ahead of Ghana and Serbia, and Australia on none. Ghana and Australia meet on Saturday in their second game. Until Klose's dismissal Germany had been in control of the match that left Serbia on the back foot. The 3 time World Cup winner’s start creates a chance when Sami Khedira found space after a neat cross by Thomas Mueller. They kept up the pressure and came close again, when Mueller's dangerous cross was partially cleared by Vidic and made wide by Podolski.

Netherlands & Japan - no goals

The Netherlands heavily dominated the first half an hour of the match against Japan but the score remained 0-0 as the Dutch gave few scoring chances in the World Cup Group E match. Wesley Sneijder sent a free kick over the bar, and Dirk Kuyt saw his overhead kick blocked by Japanese defender Yuji Nakazawa. Midfielder player Mark van Bommel paired well with forward player Robin van Persie in the Netherlands' effort to push through Japan's sturdy defenses. Earlier, Netherlands and Japan named unchanged line-ups for their match, after both teams won their World Cup openers.

Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk again left winger Arjen Robben on the bench and kept Dirk Kuyt on the right of midfield. Kuyt scored the Netherlands' second goal in its 2-0 win over Denmark. Japan coach Takeshi Okada also stuck with the starting 11 that beat Cameroon with 1-0 goals in their World Cup.

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