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South Africa looks on bright side

South Africa is at bottom of Group A with one point from two matches and could defeat France. South African hopes of beating the record of becoming the first host nation not to reach the second round to have victory over France and Mexico winning. Coach Carlos Alberto refused to dismiss France second-half show, where Mexico scored twice against their opponents. He said they are in tough group and France will be very difficult to beat so they must play with a lot of spirit.

While Parreira has won the tournament and reached the 2006 quarter-finals with the Samba Boys, he has yet to deliver a World Cup victory with Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. The draws for Kuwait against Czechoslovakia and South Africa against Mexico are all he has to worry about for eight losses that made him out before the final. Parreira departing without victory as France have won twice and drawn once in three clashes with Bafana.


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