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Get away from

Hey this gonna be a post for pet lovers. Please read this post carefully and comment about this post. People, I am expecting a million comments from you. Please help me friends. Hey have you ever heard the if you lost you doggie please click here and fill out the details they will find your doggie soon. Please click scam to have a look at the website and find the ways they approaching to catch your doggie. But the above said words are not true. Friends if you lost your doggie, don't go for this people who are nothing but cheaters. lost my doggie are the one of the nasty people their customer service always nasty and irritating. I already lodged a complaint in the customer satisfactory board. Please friends send a mail to cyber crime regarding this idiotic website and ask them to ban this site. Mostly i wont write a negative feedback but I prefer you to read this and boos the review about the doggie website and please pass this information to all as much a you can. Quiet things are not good, so going complaint tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you're talking about, I used their service and without them I would have never found my precious dog. Within 1 hour of them sending phone calls to my neighbors. I was re-united with my beloved pet. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Also your post seems awfully suspicious and your English is very poor. I think if you have a legitimate complaint it would not be demonstrated in this manner.

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