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Cesar's protector was exposed

Friday's goalless draw against Portugal revealed that Brazil have denied that there is nothing wrong with a back protector used by goalkeeper Julio Cesar. The team spokesman Rodrigo Paiva said on Saturday that the equipment, which the goalkeeper wraps around his waist, contained metal clips but they had been approved by FIFA. Paiva said it's a normal belt which he has used for the past two years at his club and with Brazil, to give him more confidence. Before the game, FIFA look at all the equipment and this was permitted because there wasn't a problem.

The protector was exposed when Julio Cesar was treated on the pitch after being hurt in a clash with Raul Meireles during Friday's game. It immediately caused speculation that he was still suffering from a back injury which he sustained during a match against Zimbabwe before the World Cup. The player said that he used it to give him confidence and that he had completely recovered from the injury.


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