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Winning equation

A professor has come up with a formula to help England to beat Slovenia and to win the World Cup 2010. Professor Goran's equation is E = c^2 x (m + (F + p x A)/a).
where, E = England wins the World Cup.
C = Confidence boost. The players must be mentally and physically rested before and after each game.
M = England need to master the dynamics of the new Jabulani ball and exploit its goal possibilities.
F = Formations, they need to be flexible and should put players in tested positions.
P = They must not make hard a penalty shootout.
A = England must not wear their away strip.
A = England must make sure they do not risk being booked.

The Professor of Probability at the University of Manchester said, this formula is inherently and incredibly powerful, because it's based on the most famous equation in the world, Einstein's theory for energy, which is E = mc^2.


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