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Gerrard is confident of victory

Bevington said they complied fully with FIFA's regulations by bringing the coach and a player, their captain, to the conference. Furthermore, as agreed with FIFA, they had five minutes with English newspapers and with In those five minutes the journalists learnt that manager Fabio Capello knew his team which he did not reveal and that skipper Gerrard was confident of their victory.

Bevington declared after five minutes with acceptable sense and thanked everybody very much. He said he would like to invite the English Sunday newspapers to join them in a separate room. One reporter sarcastically clapped and with that the England delegation swept out of the room.
Although German coach Joachim Loew failed to appear, he did speak to them nearly an hour on Friday and the German FA, gave reporters the chance to enquire goalkeeping coach Andreas Koepke for few minutes on their preparations for the game.


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