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all inclusive family resorts for vacation

The Bahamas and Jamaica have all inclusive resorts which are famous all over the world as vacation destinations because of the pure beauty of the Caribbean waters.

The Caribbean is known for its turquoise waters and many beautiful beaches. Jamaica and Brazil in particular, have mountains and forests as well as beautiful beaches and lush tropical plants. If you are thinking of taking advantage of all inclusive family vacations, the Breezes Resorts all inclusive family resorts are perfect for you! With the wide range of family activities that are included in their all inclusive family vacation package, everyone will always have something to do. The kids can spend their days splashing about in the kids pool, winding their way through the long water slide, and enjoying activities at the childrens center. Families can enjoy so many things together as well!

You can't do better than Breezes Resorts if you are looking for affordable family vacations.
They provide special all inclusive family vacation packages in Jamaica and the Bahamas. You can find the some of best family vacation destinations through their website, and you are guaranteed fun for the whole family in a lovely resort setting at a Breezes Resort.

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East for Roger

Roger Federer performance on Wednesday gave his fans more satisfaction as he beat Serb at the Swiss Indoors. Roger said he served well without any errors and if he continues it like this for the whole event that would be amazing. He enters into the quarterfinals to get the title he lost to Novak a year ago. Andy Roddick was planning on the chance to attend the football. Andy made his return to tennis after injuring his knee. He said, after being sick and then the Shanghai injury, it's good to play a tough match.

In other first-round matches, Czech Radek beat Dutchman Bakker with 6-3, 7-6 (7/5) sets, while Finn Jarkko defeated German Daniel Brands in round one. Paul-Henri put in a bid for inclusion on the French Davis Cup finals team to face Serbia with a victory over Mayer of Germany. Dutchman Robin joined Federer in the last eight as he beat John Isner with 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 sets.

Cancels contracts

Pak's Salman Butt, Mohammed Aamir and Asif have their contracts suspended from Nov by the PCB. A PCB official said that until the ICC takes a final decision on their suspensions, they can't get any sort of benefits. Rizvi the legal advisor of the board said that the contracts were suspended with the ICC anti-corruption code of laws. The 3 players were suspended by the ICC in Sep. Butt and Aamir appealed against their suspensions but the ICC commission upheld their suspensions after a 2 days hearing.

Rizvi said they were suspended and the Board Chairman has also informed to stop all payments to them. He also said that the board will not provide any help or support to the players and now they have to face the allegations by themselves. Salman and Aamir said they were disappointed by the rejection of their appeals. Salman said they are punished for being Pakistanis.

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Bowling is really a activity in which players attempt to rating points by rolling a bowling golf ball along a flat floor, generally a wooden or synthetic floor, either into pins or to obtain close to a target golf ball. Bowling is really an activity where, occasionally, amateurs carry out too as the pros. With just a little training, even the beginner can enhance his or her rating. These ideas will get you began on your way toward a greater bowling rating. These ideas are primarily created for the bowler who doesn't have a hook on their golf ball, and whose golf ball is dropped within the centre of the lane. Bowling alley construction was regarded as “an essential facet” of property development within the western United States within the late 1950s and early 1960s, described by the LA Occasions as “small cities in themselves”, some of which price tens of millions of bucks (in 1960’s)Contemporary American ten-pin bowling is most closely associated to the German nine pin game Kegeln. Germans had been instrumental in fostering the game’s popularity as they formed their personal bowling clubs each prior to and following the American Civil War. Like any other physical activity, warming up assists to stop injuries. Checking the soles of shoes for sticky objects assists to prevent falls. Because bowling balls are heavy with varying weight ranges; to prevent back and wrist injury they ought to be picked up with each hand.

PIM (Personal Information Manager)

A Personal Information Manager is really a kind of application software program that capabilities as being a personal organizer. The acronym PIM is now, much more commonly, utilized in reference to Personal information administration as being a field of study. As an information administration tool, a PIM tool's purpose would be to facilitate the recording, tracking, and administration of particular kinds of "personal information". It permits you to maintain all of your information in digital type. All of your appointments, tasks, to complete list, notes, contacts and e-mail messages are stored inside a graphical and effortlessly accessible type. These contemporary managing technologies that have been stated to alter the way our brains work by neurologists who're concerned with humans' capability to interact successfully and modifying their capacity towards the fullest possible. Within the mid-1980s, PIM’s emerged each as software program for desktop machines and as capabilities constructed into handheld digital organizers. The capabilities inside a PIM are the main functions inside a PDA. Prior towards the introduction of the term “PDA” by Apple in 1992, handheld personal organizers for example the Sharp Wizard and also the Psion Organizer had been also referred to as "PIM’s". A Personal Information manager technology has been heavily discussed within the past decade because of constant bouts of criticism and praise.

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The Effects That Clinical Negligence Can Have On A Patient

Clinical negligence is defined as the act of a doctor committing medical malpractice where a patient turns into a victim as a result of the doctor's actions.

Two types of injuries have been seen coming from the negligence of the doctor, affecting both the brain and the spine.

A brain injury can be as serious as short-term memory loss, or as permanent as creating a loss of motor skills for the patient.

A spinal injury can cause paralysis, thus forcing the patient to hire an in-home care team to assist with daily living functions for the rest of his life.

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No deadlines

Union Minister for Youth affairs and Sports Prakashbapu Patil said there was no rule of deadlines in the completion of stadium facilities for conducting the upcoming CWG. Despite of allegations that construction work of the stadiums has not been completed in time, he said PM Manmohan Singh was satisfied that everything is ready for the events. Patil said the delays are only in some roads leading to the stadiums but there is no problem with infrastructures.

He said some countries would hesitate to take part in the Games because of security reasons. There would be a meeting of ministers of Commonwealth countries in October and participation would be ensured. He also asked the media not to play up mistakes but try to build up the spirit of the Games so that the nations can participate in the event with full pride.

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a dollar sign is the cheesiest

a dollar sign is the cheesiest

Pak whipped ICC

Pak shouted at the ICC for suspending three players facing spot-fixing charges. Pak's High Commissioner, Wajid Shamsul Hasan said this is the unethical decision of suspending the players by the ICC. He said the three players met him and requested to ask the PCB not to consider them for the rest of the series. He said ICC is trying to make Pak to bear the blame because it is not able to run cricket efficiently. The ICC had no authority to punish the players without conducting an inquiry.

Till the investigations are over, neither PCB not ICC can take any action against the players. Hasan's reaction came after ICC had charged Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer of corruption offences. Hasan said this Majeed allegedly framed these Indian bookies and so the newspaper investigated this sort of sting operation through their sources.

Pak to sue if untrue

Aijaz Jakhrani, Pak Sports Minister has threatened the British Newspaper that they will take them to the court if the allegations were found untrue. Aijaz said a player is the representative of a country. He stressed telling that it is the name of the country which is at stake. He mentioned clear that in case the allegations are not proved, definitely they will file a case against them. The sports minister refused to accept that the players were dropped from the Twenty20 and ODI series because of the spot-fixing scandal.

He said the investigation is being done by Scotland Yard in London and the team will play their matches outside London. Aijaz said they have arrived in London with regard to investigation and remained busy with the investigations. So, they won’t get any time to practice and that's why they have been kept aside. Aijaz's said, the ICC had charged the players and suspended from the game even when the charges were in pending.

Pak defends alleged players

Pak High Commissioner gave a twist to the spot-fixing allegation that the three accused players were innocent. Britain Wajid S Hassan said they are found to be absolutely innocent. He said Majeed would defraud these Indian bookies. Hassan's stated that, the ICC had charged these three players with corruption offences and suspended them from all forms of the game even though decision on the charges was pending. Pakistan had dropped them from the ODI series against England but strongly defended them and vowed full support.

Refusing to accept that they were dropped in for the spot-fixing scandal, Hassan said, on account of the mental torture they are not in the mind to play any further. He added that they have requested the PCB not to consider them for the rest of the matches until their names are cleared from these allegations. He also raised question on the media for brought up this story.

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Akmal hit on nose

Pak batsman Umar Akmal was sent out of Thursday's warm-up match against Somerset after hitting on the nose by a ball during practice. Akmal received medical treatment on site after being hit by a bowled ball. Pak team manager Yawar Saeed said he has a bit of bleeding but nothing broken. Saeed said Akmal was replaced by Azhar Ali, who would be fit for Pak's T20 and ODI series against England. Abdul Razzaq joined Akmal after he injured his back through the match against Somerset.

Saeed said he felt pain in the right side of his back when practicing and is now having treatment. He said they will monitor his condition over the next few days. Razzaq's injury meant that Pak was down to 11 fit players in its team. Saeed said earlier that Pak would be calling up 3 replacement players for the ODIs.

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Decision to drop Pak players

The decision to drop 3 players for spot-fixing in England tour received a mixed reaction from cricket personalities. Former PCB chief executive Arif supports the decision to drop the three. He said the players were not in the right state of mind and since they are under trial they should not play. Pak cricket team manager Yawar Saeed has announced that the 3 players Salman Butt, Mohammad Aamer and Mohammad Asif will not be a part of the team for the remaining matches.

They are not be suspended, but will not play the remaining 2 T20 and 5 ODIs, after they were named in the media report on alleged match-fixing. Former Pak captain Asif Iqbal agreed with Abbasi, and said the Pak team had to cooperate with the investigating authorities. Former PCB chairman Tauqir Zia said he think the PCB should have waited for the police inquiry to be completed.

Investigation before Test

Pak's cricketers were being investigated by the ICC for spot-fixing in an OD series even before their fourth Test against England. The ICC suspended 3 players after charging them under anti-corruption code but had asked two players for their telephone records as part of investigation in contact with bookmakers. Butt is one of 3 players on suspicion of fixing by arranging for no-balls to be bowled against England during the fourth Test. Pak plays against England in the second T20 in Cardiff on Tuesday. The team manager Yawar Saeed said he is not going to say anything on the allegations.

Butt, Mohammad Asif and Aamer were suspended on Thursday for a scandal that came to light. All 3 could face life bans, if found guilty. The suspensions related only to the fourth Test against England, which began August 26.

Match fixer in tour

A match-fixer had dinner with Pak players during their tour of Aussie as the Sydney Test in January came under fresh scrutiny. The Aussie newspaper said it was a photo of Mazhar Majeed, the agent who caught up in a spot-fixing scandal, with several Pak players at a restaurant 3 weeks after the match. The opening batsman Yasir Hameed said to Newspaper that in the Sydney Test Match they made nearly 1.8 million pounds to lose the match. He said, as planned they gave away the match and don't know how the money was divided up among them. Hameed has said that his comments were inaccurately reported.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) called for wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal, who dropped down 4 easy catches in the Sydney Test. Pak captain Salman Butt and bowlers Mohammad Aamer and Asif have been suspended after they caught for the agent Majeed organising no-balls during Test against England.

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Fernando led Spain

Fernando Verdasco of Spain blasted Argentina's David Nalbandian at the US Open. Verdasco was one of a 7 top players, where Rafael Nadal was the top. Fernando swiped away the set with 6-2, but quickly fell down in the second before breaking back in the third game. David grabbed a 2nd break of serve to lead and converted a 4th set point to level the score. He then broke David again in the third game of the fourth set to lead and David was beaten by the end. Another Spain player to the last 16 was David Ferrer, reached the semi-final in 2007, beating Nadal.

British Andy Murray was also with a match against Switzerland's Stanislas, whom he defeated in straight sets 2 years ago. Isner, the tallest player in the men's draw, was scheduled for the night session on the Arthur Ashe Centre Court against tough Mikhail Youzhny of Russia.

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CWG in school curriculum

The CWG is set to become a part of the school curriculum in Delhi to make children involved in the event. A programme was launched by Department of Art, Culture and Languages of the to familiarize the children with the Games. Reena Ray, Principal Secretary for Education, encouraged the students to log on to the site on Delhi Tourism website and mention one good deed that they would have done to make a difference to Delhi. Online facility for writing to a favorite sport star will also be among the other features available. She said this will create pride for the country. CM Sheila Dikshit urged the students to come forward and participate in the campaign.

Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman of the OC, said they need our support. Palash Sen and his band Euphoria revved up the atmosphere with their song to which Dikshit gave her voice.

Campaign for sportspersons

For the CWG, the organizing committee (OC) launched a campaign 'Go India! Go for Gold' to spread awareness about the mega-event to get support for the Indian sportspersons. The OC in collaboration with HT Media and Muthoot group will collect 1-lakh hand imprints from public as support of the Indian teams. In this 3 week campaign, canvases will be at various colleges, schools, markets, malls, and offices. And at last the canvases will put up on both sides of the road to form a wall, stretching up to 4-6kms.

OC Secretary General Lalit Bhanot said this campaign is to encourage the sports persons. He was the first person to put his hand imprint in green color on a large canvas. Anand Bhardwaj of HT Media said, it's time that we should celebrate and move forward. Manomohanan, CEO of the Muthoot Services, said this campaign will help the Indian athletes to know what expectations public have from them.

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Highs & Lows

The South African team did not advance beyond the initial stage for the first time. Also, defending champions Italy and 2006 runners-up France finished last in their respective groups. Only 6 European teams progressed to the last 16. But the teams that finished in the top 3 were all European. All 5 South American teams made it to the last 16, with 4 advancing to the quarterfinals. This is the first time European teams have won consecutive World Cups since Italy got the title in 1938.

The Netherlands and Spain were the only teams to have won all their qualification matches for the 2010 World Cup, with the Netherlands also winning all games on their way to the final. In the 208 FIFA national teams, the 2010 World Cup shares with the 2008 Summer Olympics and beats the record for most competing nations in a sporting event.

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Spain keeps faith inTorres

David Villa and Gerard Pique said Spain needs to keep faith with Liverpool striker Fernando Torres. Fernando Torres is struggling for the form in contrast to strike David Villa, who hit his fourth goal in the finals as Spain beat Portugal. Torres, who had his second knee operation on April, was again substituted in the second half of the last-16 match as he faded after a bright start. But Villa believes Spain have to keep faith with Torres in Saturday's quarter-final against Paraguay.

Villa said they know what state his knee was a month ago and he don't agree with those who feels his performances have gone low. He added the only blame we can pin on him is that he hasn't scored any goal. Team-mate Pique said Fernando needs time to recover and it's always difficult for a player after that. He stressed saying that it takes time to come back from that kind of situation.

Podolski & Ozil skips training

On Thursday German players like Lukas Podolski and Mesut Ozil skipped their training to be in fit for their World Cup quarter-final clash against Argentina on Saturday. Podolski had skipped off training on Wednesday, complaining about a minor muscle problem while Ozil remained in the hotel, feeling unwell. Team manager Oliver said Lukas Podolski has a minor muscle problem but there is no danger of him missing the game. Ozil was kept out of the training session to conserve his energy.

Bierhoff said sometimes it is better to skip a training session instead of extending the fatigue. Cacau, who has been under an abdominal muscle strain and missed their second round win over England last week, was also absent and the striker was doubtful for the match. He added saying that his participation looks unlikely and Germans are flying to Cape Town on Thursday.

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Argentina and Germany's rival clash

Argentina and Germany clash on Saturday in World Cup quarter-final, with both teams thinking they will win. The coaches are different now but the desire of both teams to get their hands on the World Cup hasn't changed. Now Diego is confident that his team can control the German which is high on confidence after crushing England in the round of 16. He said it will be the team to give them the guarantee to overcome Germany. Argentina, along with the Netherlands, is the only country left with a 100% record after beating Nigeria, Greece and South Korea.

Germany won their game and reached the quarters, but they are not better than Argentina. Loew said there is a positive feeling in the team and have gained confidence from a victory against England. While Argentina is unbeatable in South Africa, Loew said he had identified weaknesses, without revealing it.

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Gill inaugurates CWG venue

Sports Minister MS Gill inaugurated in opening Jamia Sports Complex, training venue for the Commonwealth Games, but refused to talk on the corruption against the organizers of the event. He said he would speak about that in Parliament and he think that would be the right thing to do. When asked about the allegations of corruption on the Games' Organising Committee headed by Suresh Kalmadi, Gill said, the OC is doing their duties and their target is to properly organise the events first.

Gill inaugurated the sports complex which has been given a new looking at the cost of Rs 42 crore. He said he is sure that this infrastructure will be a great legacy for the university. He said student hostels are also being upgraded to accommodate the visitors during the Games. The cricket ground has been upgraded to make it ready for the rugby 7s practice. The ground boasts of features like fine drainage system and floodlights.

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CWG corruption

By corruption, the Commonwealth Games Organisng Committee will hold an emergency meeting of its Executive Board. The meeting was called by the OC's chairman Suresh Kalmadi including IOA Secretary General Randhir Singh. Kalmadi will have a lot of answering to do at the Board meeting with many of his colleagues pressing for action against those guilty. The Sports Ministry had also decided Darbari's removal since his alleged customs violations were reported in the newspapers. Kalmadi was forced to call the meeting after some of his colleagues said the allegations needed to be discussed immediately.

Under intense pressure from the government, the Organising Committee formed a three member panel to probe the allegations of irregular financial transactions. The panel comprises Jarnail Singh (OC Chief Executive Officer), G C Chaturvedi (Special Director General- Finance), and Gurjyot Kaur (Chief Vigilance Officer). The Committee will submit its report by Thursday.

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SL decided to suspend Randiv

The ICC has accepted the decision of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board to act quickly to an incident that took place at the end of the third ODI match between Sri Lanka and India on Monday. With India requiring just 1 run to win, Sri Lanka bowler Suraj Randiv bowled a no-ball which secured the victory for India and denied Virender Sehwag’s opportunity to reach a century. Having found guilty by this incident, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board decided to suspend Randiv for a one-day international match.

They announced, Randiv will not be able to play Thursday's match against New Zealand. ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat said the Spirit of Cricket is basic of their sport and it is pleasing to see their members in such a decisive manner. As far as the ICC is concerned it was an unfortunate incident and the matter is now closed.

Sangakkara blasts Sehwag

Virender Sehwag slammed the Sri Lanka players of being afraid of losing, and Kumar Sangakkara blasted Sehwag for speaking unnecessarily and creating a controversy. He also said that Indian cricket board and its players were always trying to take things to their advantage. Sangakkara accused Sehwag for being unsportsmanlike. He said there was a contrast in the press conference regarding that no-ball. He thinks everyone’s got the responsibility to move on from this incident.

Sangakkara also said India’s international cricket had made things more difficult for his team. The Lankan board has done everything to make sure there’s transparency. Talking about Randiv’s act, Sangakkara said, he doesn’t think it’s going to affect the relationship and he regret what happened overall. He made sure that there is been some damage done to the reputation.

RS adjourned thrice

Rajya Sabha was adjourned thrice after LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan along with RJD members entered to raise the issue of CBI to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in the fake encounter case. Paswan along with RJD members Ram Kripal Yadav and Rajniti Prasad stood up and sought to raise the matter. P J Kurien did not permit Paswan to raise the issue observing that Zero Hour was over. Paswan kept insisting that he was not allowed to raise the matter during Zero Hour.

Minister for poverty allegation, Kumari Selja and Congress member Seelam tried to calm the agitating members.Kurien asked Paswan to give a fresh notice. But, he and the RJD members were unrelenting. Home minister Chidambaram tried to intervene but Kurien asked him not to do so. The House was then adjourned for 10 minutes. When Kurien returned, he again adjourned the House for another 10 minutes, and then finally for the third time till 3 pm.

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OC slept for long

Delhi Commonwealth Games OC’s legend Bishen Singh said the corruption allegations and the slow construction work at the venues have paid to India's chances of hosting such events in future. Bishen said there is a question, whether Delhi can deliver a successful Game in October. He denied that he has asked other countries to boycott the Games. The impact of these controversies made many top athletes to pull out of the Games. Bishen wonders how the organizers failed to complete the venues before the Games.

He blamed the Commonwealth Games Federation saying that they should have been more alert and pointed out the allegations strongly. He also said that the creation of a committee of secretaries by the government to oversee the preparations of the Games will not serve for any purpose. He questioned what the committee will do now with only 45 days to go to the Games.

Narang in CWG

Indian ace shooter Gagan Narang said he got back his motivation and would participate in the Commonwealth Games. He threatened to stay out of the Commonwealth Games after being ignored for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna for the third time. Narang said an overwhelming response from well wishers and family has moved him. Narang had decided to take a break after his bronze medal winning performance at the World Championship.

He was on a break after coming back from World Championship event, and he consulted his family, coaches and the federation. All asked him to shoot to prove and to show that he is a champ. Narang said he is planning to undergo mind training sessions with his mind trainer to focus on the big events ahead. He became the first Indian to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics after winning the bronze in the 10 metre air rifle event in the 50th World Championship last month.

Manchester City title challenge

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp hopes Manchester City will struggle to challenge the Premier League title. City captain Roberto Mancini spent over 100 million pounds on five new signings as the club's Abu Dhabi based owners attempt to turn their team into a Premier League. But despite of David Silva and Yaya Toure, City were forced to settle at Tottenham in their opening league game and Redknapp wasn't impressed with this.

They are teams with people who have done it well and won everything, including Champions League winners. So he wouldn't see City finishing above them. Redknapp believes City will face a battle just to secure Champions League qualification unless they play stylish. They will find it more difficult to win games if they set up as defensively as they did against them. If they spend enough they will get enough time in the end but certainly he wouldn't see them being champions. They have a chance of finishing in the top four but Arsenal will be close to the title and Liverpool are going to be strong.

Liverpool not to appeal for red card

Liverpool star player Joe Cole is under a 3 match suspension after his club decided not to appeal against the England midfielder's red card against Arsenal team. Cole was shown a direct red card by referee Martin Atkinson following an amazing challenge on Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny in first half time at Anfield on Sunday.

Liverpool captain Roy Hodgson said after the match that the Reds might launch an appeal because he felt the tackle was not as expected. But the deadline for appeals passed on Monday without Liverpool lodging a protest, meaning Cole will be out for nearly 3 matches. Cole, who left Chelsea in the close-season, will miss league games against Manchester City, West Brom and Birmingham. The former West Ham player will be available for Thursday's Europa League first leg with Trabzonspor and the second leg the following week.

Derbyshire joins on loan

The Greek club said that the former Blackburn Rovers striker Matt Derbyshire has joined Birmingham City on loan from Olympia Pireaus. He has made just 19 appearances for Olympias last season, scoring 6 goals in a spell that was interrupted by injury and by his loss of form. Olympia announces that an agreement has been reached with Birmingham for the loan of Matt Derbyshire for one year. Derbyshire was left out of the Olympia team by the coach Ernesto Valverde for the friendly match against Roma on Aug 13.

Valverde, who recently returned to the club after a one year absence, signed Derbyshire on loan initially in 2009. The former England under 21 international's highlight during his time in Greece was helping his club to do the double by scoring twice in the Greek Cup final win over AEK Athens.

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Swann to carry on as spectator

Graeme Swann has no problems with second Test against Pakistan if England has another victory. England won the first of a four Test series on Sunday by 354 runs, in a match where Swann bowled just two overs. Swann said it swung for Stuart Broad two weeks ago and he got 8 wickets in their second innings. Swann, who took the slip catch that ended the first Test when he caught Mohammad Asif, said he would hope for another victory.

But Swann insisted it would be wrong to draw too many conclusions from this series in relation to England's defence in Australia starting in November. He also said that their fast bowlers are very skilful and are always developing and learning. He added saying, it honestly won't matter what happens in Brisbane. All they can do is keeping on winning games.

Pak upbeat Yousuf

Pakistan is confident of calling back batsman Mohammad Yousuf and will be available for selection in the second Test against England starting on Friday. After Pakistan lost the first Test by a huge target of 354 runs on Sunday, Pakistan summoned former captain Yousuf's brief retirement from international cricket. However, there were doubts as to whether Yousuf had the correct documentation for entry into Britain. Pakistan spokesman said that he has the visa.

Yousuf, handed an indefinite ban by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after leading the team on their Test series loss in Australia, and is expected to arrive in England on Thursday. He said that helps him to take rest with less than a day to get ready to face England, raising doubts over whether he will have sufficient preparation time for Test cricket.

Kamran needs a break

Former Pakistan captain Latif has advised Kamran Akmal to take a break from cricket to prolong his international career. Latif said, the problem with Kamran is that he is overweight for a keeper. He needs to take a break and comeback afresh. Kamran was also dropped after the second Test in Sydney after he dropped four catches against Australia. He repeated his inconsistent form during the first Test against England last week, dropping two catches and also missed a stumping which made Pakistan suffer a 354 runs defeat.

Latif said that Kamran needs to take a break for a while, to lose weight. He said he will comeback stronger if he realises his weak areas. He is an experienced player and has done well in the past but he is now facing issues which he himself must work out while in break. Salman Butt said after the defeat that Kamran has to comeback strongly in the second Test.

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Pakistan still struggles

Kevin Pietersen's wait for another Test century continued on Saturday but his 80 helped England to remain on top. Pakistan were 19/1 in their second innings, needing 160 runs to make England bat again on the second day of the second Test. Pietersen's innings was the milestone of England's 251 that made a first innings lead of 179. Pakistan Saeed Ajmal took 5 wickets for 82 runs in 26 overs. Butt had scored just 16 runs in 4 innings this series. Imran Farhat was 10 not out and Azhar Ali 5 not out.

Pietersen having gone 22 innings without a Test century since making 102 against the West Indies in March 2009. South African umpire Marais Erasmus signaled dead ball, to the displeasure of Butt. Trott fell when Amin had him caught in the gully by the substitute Yasir Hameed. Pietersen fell short of a century when Ajmal caught and bowled spanning 147 balls and including 12 boundaries.

India to win over SL

VVS Laxman hit 103 as India depends on him to pull off a win in the third and final Test match against Sri Lanka to level the series. Laxman played the innings brilliantly to reach his 16th Test hundred, while Sachin (54) and Raina (41 not out) were the other contributors. Chasing 257 on a difficult fifth day, the Indians recovered from their blows with a 109 run partnership between Laxman and Tendulkar. Ishant was caught by Kumar Sangakkara in the morning session. Tendulkar and Laxman then controlled the match for a successful chase.

Tendulkar had his luck in the innings when he was dropped by Tillakaratne Dilshan while trying to push a Randiv. He attacked Randiv thereafter by charging down the track and driving a shot past the bowler for a boundary. Laxman, on his part, leaned forward to an Ajantha Mendis delivery from the middle stump and turned it on to the boundary, marking the 50-run partnership between the two which came in 92 balls.

India have proved

India captain Dhoni said his team's victory over Sri Lanka in the third Test has blamed the bowlers, who had come in for much criticism in the first two Tests. India had a poor bowling attack in the absence of Zaheer Khan in the Test series. India came back strongly to draw the second and won the third Tests to finish up the series. Dhoni praised the all-round performance of the team. He said after the first Test people said their bowling is not enough, but now they have proved themselves.

Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara felt their batting in the second innings let them down but was said his team can be proud of their performance. He said this game they were found wanting with their batting in the second innings. He said Lasith Malinga and Suresh Randiv deserve a special praisings. All 5 wickets were taken by Randiv in the second innings. It was Laxman's first Man of the Match award in Tests and the third of his career. Laxman said he is really happy that he along with Sachin won the game for India.

Gul ruled out of team

Pakistan team manager Yawar Saeed said Pakistan Umar Gul was ruled out of the ongoing second Test against England with a torn hamstring. Gul sustained the injury while bowling on the second day and he went for a scan at a nearby hospital. Despite his absence, Pakistan bowled England out for 251 with Saeed Ajmal taking five for 82 where six catches were dropped. Pakistan captain Salman Butt was unsure about Gul's injury that left them with just 3 bowlers in this match.

Pakistan has been given a schedule of six Tests in 7 weeks and Butt said such a programme was almost bound to lead to injuries. Butt said they have come straight to the World Cup and then come over here and played a few side games. The third Test starts at The Oval on August 18 and the series final takes place at Lord's, on August 26.

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SL control over India

Sri Lanka got control of the third and final Test after they stabilized India's batting on the third day. While chasing Sri Lanka's total of 425, India slipped from their score of 180 to 378 at the Sara Oval. India, seeking a series victory after the 10 wicket defeat in the first Test, will resume after the break. Abhimanyu Mithun was unbeaten on 26 and Amit Mishra on 12 at the break.Venkatsai Laxman and Suresh Raina hit half centuries and withstand 105 run after India were reduced to 199.

Indian captain Dhoni made 15 run when he was caught. India suffered quick blows when Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed in the day's first over and century maker Virender Sehwag. Tendulkar thrown at Malinga's sixth delivery and had an easy catch to wicket-keeper Prasanna Jayawardene. Sachin is the world's leading run getter, making a record of 169th Test appearance, scored 41 in a third-wicket stand of 91 with Sehwag. Sehwag reached his 21st hundred in the second over Suraj Randiv for his 18th boundary. Sehwag's 109 would have given him a hundred in each of his last five Tests, had he not been dismissed for 99 in the previous match at the Sinhalese Sports Club.

Sehwag is the hurdle

India opener Virender Sehwag will be a major hurdle for the hosts in the third cricket Test, feels Sri Lanka batsman Thilan Samaraweera. Thilan, who made 137 to push Sri Lanka to 425 in their first innings, said this will be a crucial match. He said Ojha bowled well throughout the innings. But if Sehwag gets out, a lot of things will turn around. He also said that still they are ahead by 250 runs. And if they can take couple of wickets, they are in the game. Sehwag was at his best as he led the team with 97 in 87 deliveries.

Thilan said his century was special as it came in difficult circumstances. He said he has scored runs when needed for the team but this is a special because this is a real Test wicket. He added saying 400 plus is a good total in this wicket which would be difficult to bat in the fourth innings. But unfortunately Prasanna and Angelo got out.

Sehwag hits 7000 Test runs

On Wednesday, Virender Sehwag became the sixth Indian batsman to score 7000 runs in Tests during his unbeaten 97 runs on the second day of the third and final Test against Sri Lanka. Sehwag reached the big milestone during the final Test when he scored a single from Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga to bring up his score to 7000 at the Oval pitch. He is the 38th batsman overall to have scored 7000 runs. Sehwag, who made his debut against South Africa in 2001, was playing in his 79th Test.

Sunil Gavaskar was the first Indian to hit 7000 runs in Test cricket years ago, while the other Indians in the list are Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Laxman and Sourav Ganguly. Sehwag remained unbeaten on 97 at the end of second day's play. During his 87 ball stay at the pitch, Sehwag smashed 17 boundaries.