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Campaign for sportspersons

For the CWG, the organizing committee (OC) launched a campaign 'Go India! Go for Gold' to spread awareness about the mega-event to get support for the Indian sportspersons. The OC in collaboration with HT Media and Muthoot group will collect 1-lakh hand imprints from public as support of the Indian teams. In this 3 week campaign, canvases will be at various colleges, schools, markets, malls, and offices. And at last the canvases will put up on both sides of the road to form a wall, stretching up to 4-6kms.

OC Secretary General Lalit Bhanot said this campaign is to encourage the sports persons. He was the first person to put his hand imprint in green color on a large canvas. Anand Bhardwaj of HT Media said, it's time that we should celebrate and move forward. Manomohanan, CEO of the Muthoot Services, said this campaign will help the Indian athletes to know what expectations public have from them.


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