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Pak to sue if untrue

Aijaz Jakhrani, Pak Sports Minister has threatened the British Newspaper that they will take them to the court if the allegations were found untrue. Aijaz said a player is the representative of a country. He stressed telling that it is the name of the country which is at stake. He mentioned clear that in case the allegations are not proved, definitely they will file a case against them. The sports minister refused to accept that the players were dropped from the Twenty20 and ODI series because of the spot-fixing scandal.

He said the investigation is being done by Scotland Yard in London and the team will play their matches outside London. Aijaz said they have arrived in London with regard to investigation and remained busy with the investigations. So, they won’t get any time to practice and that's why they have been kept aside. Aijaz's said, the ICC had charged the players and suspended from the game even when the charges were in pending.


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