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He said some countries would hesitate to take part in the Games because of security reasons. There would be a meeting of ministers of Commonwealth countries in October and participation would be ensured. He also asked the media not to play up mistakes but try to build up the spirit of the Games so that the nations can participate in the event with full pride.

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Pak whipped ICC

Pak shouted at the ICC for suspending three players facing spot-fixing charges. Pak's High Commissioner, Wajid Shamsul Hasan said this is the unethical decision of suspending the players by the ICC. He said the three players met him and requested to ask the PCB not to consider them for the rest of the series. He said ICC is trying to make Pak to bear the blame because it is not able to run cricket efficiently. The ICC had no authority to punish the players without conducting an inquiry.

Till the investigations are over, neither PCB not ICC can take any action against the players. Hasan's reaction came after ICC had charged Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer of corruption offences. Hasan said this Majeed allegedly framed these Indian bookies and so the newspaper investigated this sort of sting operation through their sources.

Pak to sue if untrue

Aijaz Jakhrani, Pak Sports Minister has threatened the British Newspaper that they will take them to the court if the allegations were found untrue. Aijaz said a player is the representative of a country. He stressed telling that it is the name of the country which is at stake. He mentioned clear that in case the allegations are not proved, definitely they will file a case against them. The sports minister refused to accept that the players were dropped from the Twenty20 and ODI series because of the spot-fixing scandal.

He said the investigation is being done by Scotland Yard in London and the team will play their matches outside London. Aijaz said they have arrived in London with regard to investigation and remained busy with the investigations. So, they won’t get any time to practice and that's why they have been kept aside. Aijaz's said, the ICC had charged the players and suspended from the game even when the charges were in pending.

Pak defends alleged players

Pak High Commissioner gave a twist to the spot-fixing allegation that the three accused players were innocent. Britain Wajid S Hassan said they are found to be absolutely innocent. He said Majeed would defraud these Indian bookies. Hassan's stated that, the ICC had charged these three players with corruption offences and suspended them from all forms of the game even though decision on the charges was pending. Pakistan had dropped them from the ODI series against England but strongly defended them and vowed full support.

Refusing to accept that they were dropped in for the spot-fixing scandal, Hassan said, on account of the mental torture they are not in the mind to play any further. He added that they have requested the PCB not to consider them for the rest of the matches until their names are cleared from these allegations. He also raised question on the media for brought up this story.

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Akmal hit on nose

Pak batsman Umar Akmal was sent out of Thursday's warm-up match against Somerset after hitting on the nose by a ball during practice. Akmal received medical treatment on site after being hit by a bowled ball. Pak team manager Yawar Saeed said he has a bit of bleeding but nothing broken. Saeed said Akmal was replaced by Azhar Ali, who would be fit for Pak's T20 and ODI series against England. Abdul Razzaq joined Akmal after he injured his back through the match against Somerset.

Saeed said he felt pain in the right side of his back when practicing and is now having treatment. He said they will monitor his condition over the next few days. Razzaq's injury meant that Pak was down to 11 fit players in its team. Saeed said earlier that Pak would be calling up 3 replacement players for the ODIs.

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Decision to drop Pak players

The decision to drop 3 players for spot-fixing in England tour received a mixed reaction from cricket personalities. Former PCB chief executive Arif supports the decision to drop the three. He said the players were not in the right state of mind and since they are under trial they should not play. Pak cricket team manager Yawar Saeed has announced that the 3 players Salman Butt, Mohammad Aamer and Mohammad Asif will not be a part of the team for the remaining matches.

They are not be suspended, but will not play the remaining 2 T20 and 5 ODIs, after they were named in the media report on alleged match-fixing. Former Pak captain Asif Iqbal agreed with Abbasi, and said the Pak team had to cooperate with the investigating authorities. Former PCB chairman Tauqir Zia said he think the PCB should have waited for the police inquiry to be completed.

Investigation before Test

Pak's cricketers were being investigated by the ICC for spot-fixing in an OD series even before their fourth Test against England. The ICC suspended 3 players after charging them under anti-corruption code but had asked two players for their telephone records as part of investigation in contact with bookmakers. Butt is one of 3 players on suspicion of fixing by arranging for no-balls to be bowled against England during the fourth Test. Pak plays against England in the second T20 in Cardiff on Tuesday. The team manager Yawar Saeed said he is not going to say anything on the allegations.

Butt, Mohammad Asif and Aamer were suspended on Thursday for a scandal that came to light. All 3 could face life bans, if found guilty. The suspensions related only to the fourth Test against England, which began August 26.

Match fixer in tour

A match-fixer had dinner with Pak players during their tour of Aussie as the Sydney Test in January came under fresh scrutiny. The Aussie newspaper said it was a photo of Mazhar Majeed, the agent who caught up in a spot-fixing scandal, with several Pak players at a restaurant 3 weeks after the match. The opening batsman Yasir Hameed said to Newspaper that in the Sydney Test Match they made nearly 1.8 million pounds to lose the match. He said, as planned they gave away the match and don't know how the money was divided up among them. Hameed has said that his comments were inaccurately reported.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) called for wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal, who dropped down 4 easy catches in the Sydney Test. Pak captain Salman Butt and bowlers Mohammad Aamer and Asif have been suspended after they caught for the agent Majeed organising no-balls during Test against England.

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Fernando led Spain

Fernando Verdasco of Spain blasted Argentina's David Nalbandian at the US Open. Verdasco was one of a 7 top players, where Rafael Nadal was the top. Fernando swiped away the set with 6-2, but quickly fell down in the second before breaking back in the third game. David grabbed a 2nd break of serve to lead and converted a 4th set point to level the score. He then broke David again in the third game of the fourth set to lead and David was beaten by the end. Another Spain player to the last 16 was David Ferrer, reached the semi-final in 2007, beating Nadal.

British Andy Murray was also with a match against Switzerland's Stanislas, whom he defeated in straight sets 2 years ago. Isner, the tallest player in the men's draw, was scheduled for the night session on the Arthur Ashe Centre Court against tough Mikhail Youzhny of Russia.

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CWG in school curriculum

The CWG is set to become a part of the school curriculum in Delhi to make children involved in the event. A programme was launched by Department of Art, Culture and Languages of the to familiarize the children with the Games. Reena Ray, Principal Secretary for Education, encouraged the students to log on to the site on Delhi Tourism website and mention one good deed that they would have done to make a difference to Delhi. Online facility for writing to a favorite sport star will also be among the other features available. She said this will create pride for the country. CM Sheila Dikshit urged the students to come forward and participate in the campaign.

Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman of the OC, said they need our support. Palash Sen and his band Euphoria revved up the atmosphere with their song to which Dikshit gave her voice.

Campaign for sportspersons

For the CWG, the organizing committee (OC) launched a campaign 'Go India! Go for Gold' to spread awareness about the mega-event to get support for the Indian sportspersons. The OC in collaboration with HT Media and Muthoot group will collect 1-lakh hand imprints from public as support of the Indian teams. In this 3 week campaign, canvases will be at various colleges, schools, markets, malls, and offices. And at last the canvases will put up on both sides of the road to form a wall, stretching up to 4-6kms.

OC Secretary General Lalit Bhanot said this campaign is to encourage the sports persons. He was the first person to put his hand imprint in green color on a large canvas. Anand Bhardwaj of HT Media said, it's time that we should celebrate and move forward. Manomohanan, CEO of the Muthoot Services, said this campaign will help the Indian athletes to know what expectations public have from them.

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Highs & Lows

The South African team did not advance beyond the initial stage for the first time. Also, defending champions Italy and 2006 runners-up France finished last in their respective groups. Only 6 European teams progressed to the last 16. But the teams that finished in the top 3 were all European. All 5 South American teams made it to the last 16, with 4 advancing to the quarterfinals. This is the first time European teams have won consecutive World Cups since Italy got the title in 1938.

The Netherlands and Spain were the only teams to have won all their qualification matches for the 2010 World Cup, with the Netherlands also winning all games on their way to the final. In the 208 FIFA national teams, the 2010 World Cup shares with the 2008 Summer Olympics and beats the record for most competing nations in a sporting event.

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Spain keeps faith inTorres

David Villa and Gerard Pique said Spain needs to keep faith with Liverpool striker Fernando Torres. Fernando Torres is struggling for the form in contrast to strike David Villa, who hit his fourth goal in the finals as Spain beat Portugal. Torres, who had his second knee operation on April, was again substituted in the second half of the last-16 match as he faded after a bright start. But Villa believes Spain have to keep faith with Torres in Saturday's quarter-final against Paraguay.

Villa said they know what state his knee was a month ago and he don't agree with those who feels his performances have gone low. He added the only blame we can pin on him is that he hasn't scored any goal. Team-mate Pique said Fernando needs time to recover and it's always difficult for a player after that. He stressed saying that it takes time to come back from that kind of situation.

Podolski & Ozil skips training

On Thursday German players like Lukas Podolski and Mesut Ozil skipped their training to be in fit for their World Cup quarter-final clash against Argentina on Saturday. Podolski had skipped off training on Wednesday, complaining about a minor muscle problem while Ozil remained in the hotel, feeling unwell. Team manager Oliver said Lukas Podolski has a minor muscle problem but there is no danger of him missing the game. Ozil was kept out of the training session to conserve his energy.

Bierhoff said sometimes it is better to skip a training session instead of extending the fatigue. Cacau, who has been under an abdominal muscle strain and missed their second round win over England last week, was also absent and the striker was doubtful for the match. He added saying that his participation looks unlikely and Germans are flying to Cape Town on Thursday.

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