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CWG corruption

By corruption, the Commonwealth Games Organisng Committee will hold an emergency meeting of its Executive Board. The meeting was called by the OC's chairman Suresh Kalmadi including IOA Secretary General Randhir Singh. Kalmadi will have a lot of answering to do at the Board meeting with many of his colleagues pressing for action against those guilty. The Sports Ministry had also decided Darbari's removal since his alleged customs violations were reported in the newspapers. Kalmadi was forced to call the meeting after some of his colleagues said the allegations needed to be discussed immediately.

Under intense pressure from the government, the Organising Committee formed a three member panel to probe the allegations of irregular financial transactions. The panel comprises Jarnail Singh (OC Chief Executive Officer), G C Chaturvedi (Special Director General- Finance), and Gurjyot Kaur (Chief Vigilance Officer). The Committee will submit its report by Thursday.


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