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Sorted Mendis

Sachin Tendulkar said India has sorted the nature of Ajanatha Mendis and they are no easy go for the Sri Lankan bowlers now. Mendis, who paved way for India’s defeat in their last tour, took two wickets but gave away just 83 runs in 25 overs in this series. Sachin said Mendis is a difficult bower, but their batsmen have figured out his strengths to avoid any wicket loss. Mendis hit both Murali Vijay and Laxman while Suraj Randiv swiped off Sehwag and Rahul Dravid.

Tendukar praised both Mendis and Randiv for their efforts but said it will be difficult for them to replace Muttiah Muralitharan. He also said it would be a big responsibility for them to fill up his place. Tendulkar spent around 15 hours on the field while fielding and batting and he works a lot to keep him fit.


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