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Mani Shankar's outburst

The Congress leader Mani Shankar said his recent interest against the Commonwealth Games has opened up a can of worms which was evident from the corruption charges that has rocked the October sporting events to be held. He said it's for the media and others concerns to know the financial irregularities in various CWG related projects. He has recently created a ethical probe by saying that he would be unhappy if the CWG are a success. He also mentioned that he will not speak on the Games till it is over.

Mani Shankar, who is also the former Sports Minister said he want to assure that no one from the Congress party had asked him not to speak on Commonwealth Games. He claimed that it's a purely voluntary decision of his own. About Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, Mani said those who are praising the Games can only be evil.


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