ss_blog_claim=a3650b8eebfe3434539d25e084e19bcf ss_blog_claim=a3650b8eebfe3434539d25e084e19bcf Blood Rayne: Kalmadi & Dadwal discussed security issues

Kalmadi & Dadwal discussed security issues

On Monday Commonwealth Games (CWG) Organising Committee (OC) Chairman Suresh Kalmadi held a meeting with Delhi Police Commissioner Dadwal to discuss the security issues. Kalmadi raised his concern about security arrangements made for the safety during the conduct of the games. The Police chief said, all the arrangements have been made and there is nothing to worry. And said Delhi Police is ready to handover the Games venues to the OC.

Dadwal gave a detailed presentation regarding the security arrangements made for the Commonwealth Games venues and the athletes. An official said, 10 out of the 17 venues have been cleared from the security point of view and can be given to the Organising Committee anytime this week, while rest of the venues will be handed over to the committee by next week. The 14-days mega sporting events will start from October 3.


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