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Kamran needs a break

Former Pakistan captain Latif has advised Kamran Akmal to take a break from cricket to prolong his international career. Latif said, the problem with Kamran is that he is overweight for a keeper. He needs to take a break and comeback afresh. Kamran was also dropped after the second Test in Sydney after he dropped four catches against Australia. He repeated his inconsistent form during the first Test against England last week, dropping two catches and also missed a stumping which made Pakistan suffer a 354 runs defeat.

Latif said that Kamran needs to take a break for a while, to lose weight. He said he will comeback stronger if he realises his weak areas. He is an experienced player and has done well in the past but he is now facing issues which he himself must work out while in break. Salman Butt said after the defeat that Kamran has to comeback strongly in the second Test.


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