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EB practices under new coach

The striker Bhutia joined the team, and East Bengal kicked off their season, practicing under newly appointed coach Trevero James Morgan. He said his immediate task would be to develop communication skills among the players on the field. Morgan said he is very happy with the level of fitness of the players. He said he is pleased to see their fitness level. Morgan chose not to think on the team's performance in last season and said it's time to look forward.

East Bengal had practiced on the opening day as Bhutia joined them afterwards. Bhutia is recovering from a thyroid illness and will leave for India's Asian Cup 2011 on Wednesday. Morgan is the second Englishman to take charge of an Indian club after David Booth, who had coached Mumbai FC. East Bengal finished 9th in the League 2009-10 and drew in the AFC Cup, losing all their matches.


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