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Hello everyone Good evening. Looks like you had several fun today please continue enjoying the same without any hesitation. I want to share my real experience which I faced three months ago. Please read this post carefully as I am writing this for getting a better view how to improve your business. Three months ago I stared my dream company which is named as GENCOP which would be developing the consumer electronic products. I told to the senior management not to compromise with the quality which is available with the leading brands in market. They had a discussion and we had a grand launch program after ten days. We got to know that our product is moving pretty slow but not to our expected level. Again we had a discussion with our sales team they said we can go for advertising our products and we can make small stalls for giving a demo so that people can know the quality of our product. We done that and after ten days sales team said no improvement in the past ten days for that we invested 10 lakh dollars. I am very upset and called the senior management and ask for a remedy they said will come up with some ideas in 24 hours. I too Google for getting a business development tool and found this world called Mobile Marketing which is the next generation tool for advertisements. So I contacted Cellit Mobile Marketing people in order to get an overall idea they said our sales team will contact you in couple of days. These people have given one presentation for our product and I was stunned by the ideas. They really awesome so I moved on with their plan, after a month my sales team responded it works well and now I am running my business without any problem. My profits a tripling this quarter. They stared a new tool for real estate developers which is called as House4Cell by replying with the code number you can get the cheapest land rates, address and all the details in your mobile phone. So I am very much thank for this people for making my business at a very good profit rate. They also released Mobile Coupons which is the next generation in the mobile advertisement. So people pass this information to all of your friends and submit your business to them. They will make you to become profit. Thanks for reading and bye bye!!!


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