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Revenge for 2008

Lukas Podolski has planned the World Cup semifinals against Spain as a perfect opportunity for Germany. Fernando Torres brought Spain a win in the final two years ago and Podolski would love nothing more than the opportunity to turn the tables on Roja. Cologne said he leave it up to us in the media to decide who the favourites are among Spain and Germany. Podolski added, whenever they get to final they want to win it and said it still hurts. But now they have a great opportunity to get to another final with a win against Spain and they will do everything to get there.

Germany goes into the match with their confidence high after scoring 4 goals in both their knockout stage victories, over England and Argentina. Podolski shrugged off a suggestion by Argentina coach Diego that his team had done more to try and win their game with the Germans counter-attack. He said if they continue to play as they did against England and Argentina, he thinks they can stand a good chance against Spain.


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