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Real rejects Robben, Wesley

Real Madrid rejects Robben and Wesley to show Spain what they are missing as the Dutch helped entering Netherlands in Sunday's World Cup final. They both have been in form in South Africa and their second-half goals brought Holland's win over Uruguay in Tuesday's semi-final. After captain Giovanni opened the scoring, Robben and Wesley combined to bring down South America. Wesley said the most important thing now is to win and there is nothing bigger than the World Cup.

Wesley and Robben could now return to Munich and Milan after being forced out of Madrid to make way for Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Xabi Alonso. Robben's packed two goals in his first game for the Germans and was their star player to win the Bundesliga. They both now have a chance to help Holland to their first World Cup title. If they can win Sunday's final, they will become the second team to record a perfect World Cup campaign after Brazil, by winning every qualification and finals match.


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