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Romero said no to technology

On Monday, Argentina goalkeeper Romero called for footballing authorities to resist the temptation to introduce goal line technology. This has caused distress with world football governing FIFA opposed to electronic and video assistance for referees. England were denied a valid goal against Germany when the referee failed to spot that Frank’s shot that came down off the crossbar and landed fully a meter over the line before bouncing out. Romero said he is against technology in football and explained football is for living and not for technology.

Four years ago Argentina lost on penalties to Germany at the same stage of the competition. In 2006, the German goalkeeper Lehmann revealed that he had a sheet on which he had written which way each Argentine player usually shot. Romero said he doesn't have such sheet, but said that he and Argentina goalkeepers have been doing their homework. He said all three of them have been studying all players because they can face a penalty at any time.


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