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Computer memory at online

Hi, nice time to see you again. My hearty welcome to all of you and thanks for coming. I have told you about my work, since I am working as an SA in an MNC. I need to work on incidents. Last week we worked on a Windows server issue which is very critical and I meant to call Microsoft for solving that. While asking them they said it was a memory issue and need to replaced immediately for getting a zero outage. We placed a order and its an high grade model server so they said currently cant provide the board within 2 days. I said to my manager they is a website named memoryupgradepro and their benefits. he made an compromise to the client for buy the products for their server from an outside vendor. We placed an order and gotten the memory board within an hour and replaced it. Now the box is working fine and I sent a thanks mail for giving as the memory module. they sent a welcome mail and they are the largest providers of Apple Memory, Dell Memory, Hp Compaq Memory in US. So friends please feel to contact them if i come across this situation and get the appreciation from client. Thanks for reading


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