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Plus Two (Malayalam)

Cast: Roshan Machado, Vishnu

Director: Shekhar Kammula

Release Date : 20/08/2010

Plus Two movie tells the story of five teenagers Prince, Faizal, Sambhu, Mathews and Ranjit who are students staying in a villa belonging to Prince's father. Prince's parents were working in abroad. But they have a servant Lalappan arranged for Prince to help in prepare food and others.One day Meenakshi (Shafna), a teenage girl comes to their house with her old mother.

She arrives in the city in search of her elder sister Parvathy, who left house with her boyfriend some years back. The address they had been of this villa. The condition of the girl and the mother was pathetic. Understanding the situation, Prince gives shelter to them at the villa. One day Meenakshi's mother dies leaving her alone with these boys. Those boys planning to ruin her or helping her in finding her sister, remains the rest of the story.


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