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Santosh Trophy pre-quarterfinals

Kerala and Assam maintaining their win status to keep their quarterfinal hopes alive in the National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy on Saturday. Kerala defeated Himachal Pradesh, while Assam brought a win over Uttarakhand in the cluster matches. Mizoram recorded their win against Bihar at Khardah Stadium. Assam's star striker Akum continued his wonderful form with two goals in the 46th minutes while Jelendra Brahma shown up in the 80th and 84th minutes to lead. Akum had struck six goals in their thrash of Himachal Pradesh.

Sisuram, Ajit Singh and Wary completed the tally for Assam who leads their table on a better goal difference to Kerala. Assam and Kerala will clash on Monday to determine the pre-quarterfinalists. Bijoy Das, Freedy and Nanda Kumar gave Railways a lead at half-time before Suraj Mondal hit the final nail to smash Orissa's chances. Railways need a point in their match against Mizoram on Monday to qualify for the pre-quarterfinals.


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