ss_blog_claim=a3650b8eebfe3434539d25e084e19bcf ss_blog_claim=a3650b8eebfe3434539d25e084e19bcf Blood Rayne: Pattinte Palazhi (Malayalam)

Pattinte Palazhi (Malayalam)

Cast: Meera Jasmine, Revathi

Director: Rajeev Anchal

Release Date : 30/07/2010

This movie is all about Veena (Meera Jasmine), for whom the music is not just a passion, it is her life. To become a world renowned singer, she sets out on a journey where broken dreams and losses await her. When she realizes with a shudder that the music within her has no ways of flowing out, she is driven almost to madness. But the music they say, always finds a way out.

And it soon covered the whole world, as it exploded out of her. Time stood in honor of her, and she was reborn. Those who knew her and who did not, competed for their share of her voice. Her father Sheshadri, Guru Usthad, Aamir who was in love with her, Dr. Aparna, Ganapathi, young music director Sreehari; all of them were after her. And she needed every one of them as well.


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