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Man Utd Vs Bayern

Manchester United Full backs will have a busy night in the match against Bayern in the Quarter Final(1st leg) of UEFA Champions League at Allianz Arena,Munich on 30th of March. They need a scoring draw atleast, they have been having ups and downs in league so hopeful to get a positive result, Nani has to step up and play the way he did against Bolton. Rooney's form is crucial.

They have to mark olic'. He is a stunning player. Schwensteiger isn't playing and thats a huge blow for the Germans because he can set the ball for the strikers and more than able to score from distance. This will be a very interesting match. The stamina and pace is the key for winning the match. Bayern have jus lost 2 of their home games in this league. Bayern currently have the best wingers in Europe. Its going to be a tough time for Manchester United's defense, a scoring draw will be a wonderful result.


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