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Kites Audio Release

The Audio of Kites was released two days before. This is the review of the audio songs of Kites. Once Again Rakesh Roshan sir Has done a Great Job and Singers like KK, Vishal Dadlani, Suraj Jaggan, Anushka done nice job. Kites in the sky is a really growing and soothing song Hrithik does the best job as an actor turned singer. Hrithik beats all his predecessors and delivers the beautiful song.

Track List and Rating

1) Zindagi Do Pal Ki- Great & Melodious, the best of the lot 5/5 .
2) Dil Kyon Yeah Mera- Different romantic number, but excellent in it's own way 4.5/5.
3) Tum Bhi Ho Wahi- This is a suicidal song, one of the worst composition of Rajesh Roshan,
don't know why they kept it. The fate of this song will depend on how it has been picturised. bad
4) Kites In The Sky- Soulful & the Mexican lyrics makes it different, duggu sounds different &
fabulous. A refreshing number. 4/5
5) Fire- Now this has all the makings to became a chart-topper, though singing is almost absent,
but you won't need it. 4.5/5

On a overall the music is good. It seems that the music is created in sync with the theme
of the movie. Kites will set fire. There will be some fantabulous performance by Hrithik.


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