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Time for KKR to Prove

Sharukh says that Time for excuses is over and its time to prove for Kolkata Knight Riders team. In my view he has not done anything wrong in IPL-3 from his side. Fact is that players have not performed and given their best till now. There are still chances for KKR reaching in semis but players will have to know their strengths and other team's weaknesses and give their best in each game (not only in 1 or 2 games as before). Only wish of Kolkata fans are that the players should play well and give their best.

Shane Bond is the key bowler and his presence with good performance in every game is very much important for KKR (as other bowlers except Karthik have been appeared as Match Losers in place of Match winners in the last few matches) Dada has had just one failure. Lets not get desperate. try and accept the fact that the other teams have been better on the day they have beaten KKR. In fact try and appreciate the brilliance of players from the other teams who have excelled against KKR and keep supporting your respective teams.


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