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Want to make funny pictures?

Hi friends, Today i am going to introduce a amazing website which make your friends and lovers thrilled about you. Last week one of my friends had a birthday party so I gone there while thinking about a gift I Googled for some different kind of birthday gifts. Since presenting some memto's and memorable toys are become old. I though of going into new gift which will impress her. You all knew girls love the gifts very much also they preserve it for decades. I decided to give a funny photos of her so I need to made a change with their existing photo and found a awesome website The website is famous for fun image editing. If you are unable to understand I will explain you, they having a base design and if you upload your photo they merge both the design and photo and give a combined effect snap. Simple right? yes you can add effects to photos online that's again a good one. I had a free online photo effects of her framed it and gave as a present the moment she opens the gift she was laughing at high tone. She like it very much and also she kissed me for presenting such a gift.The most plus of the website is they will release a new base design everyday and shuffle it in order wise. So everyday you can get a new design so upload it in your orkut and get more comments. Bye bye friends