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Sachin's stressful play

Sachin is batting on 108 but there is talk of whether he can get to his highest Test score. One of two remaining milestones still remains on to-dos list. The other is a World Cup win, but for someone whose skills seem to be tough for his age for the ODI double hundred. Tendulkar said he was planning to stay on Day 4 show, stressing on fitness levels and the importance of adequate rest. He exclaimed it is hot and humid and feels dehydrated. Tendulkar also acknowledged that the absence of Muttiah Muralitharan had been a big factor. He mentioned Mendis has done well against them.

Sehwag said, every day they hear from Sachin in the dressing room and that is equal to learning for them. Tendulkar stretched his lead over Ricky Ponting on Wednesday and if Raina and Dhoni, can stick around for company, might yield a bit for Tendulkar.


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